Why Do We Support Local Home Bakers?

Why Do We Support Local Home Bakers? featured image

and why you should too!
With the extra time spent at home due to the pandemic, coupled with the rise in online selling, there is an increasing number of home-based kitchens offering their home-made bakes online. You might have come across some of their beautiful creations while scrolling through social media.  Whether it is for afternoon tea, or for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, everyone loves a sweet treat! Especially us at homebakers.sg, we prefer treats that are made with love by local home bakers.  And we are not the only ones who feel this way. The #SupportLocal movement was brought to light during the pandemic, encouraging Singaporeans like you and I to support our own community. As a result, the home baking community is now flourishing with increasing support from people who make a conscious choice to buy local.  Why do we like local home bakers so much? Let’s dive deeper and find out!

Home bakers add a sprinkle of their special touch

They put their hearts and souls into their creations. Whether  they are making cakes, cookies or brownies, you can be assured that every ounce is made with blood (figuratively), sweat (also figuratively) and love (literally!).  From the curation of the finest ingredients, to the final presentation , we can tell that a lot of thought is put in by these passionate bakers.

Just look at the adorable tang yuans made by @muamua.sg, and the amazing Spring in Japan tasting box (with a collection of bespoke pastries such as the Japanese fruit tart and Yuzu Meringue Shortcake) from @thecranegrain.

Freshness guaranteed

Every batch of bakes are usually baked upon request or done in small batches. They are fresh and contain less preservatives. With several businesses offering same-day delivery services, you can get your baked goods fresh out of the oven.

Check out @BreadAndButterByXY! You can enjoy your freshly baked loaf with zero preservatives via self-collection or delivery! Similarly, all bakes from @29bakehousesg are freshly baked on the day of delivery, with no preservatives, and are healthy options that are less sweet too!

Want something more unique?
Many of these home bakers started off as hobbies. They have had the luxury of experimenting with different flavours as well as baking bespoke creations for their customers. Need a customised cake for a birthday party? Getting one from a home baker allows for more flexibility and something unique that is simply impossible to get off the shelves.

Furthermore, Singaporean home bakers are also able to cater to our unique tastebuds, with local-inspired flavours, such as the Durian Ondeh Ondeh Cake offered at @adeshomebake.sg. No one appreciates durians as much as Singaporeans do!

Some even offer seasonal flavours.  For example, @TheCrashBakers revitalizes their selection of macarons every month! Do also check out @thebaketheorysg’s monthly bake box featuring delicious pastries such as the strawberry passionfruit meringue tart and black sesame white chocolate matcha cookies.

Helping home bakers live their sweet dreams

Home bakers run their businesses for more than just the money. Some of their founders use it as an escape from the stressful 9-5 office grind that we are all too familiar with. Both @vivbakez and  @cookiecrumblessg are birthed out of their founder’s passion for baking, despite holding full time jobs.

Others may have unfortunately lost their jobs or left them, choosing to dedicate their time to pursue their passion while making a small income.

They come from all walks of life. Some are students on their summer breaks. Some are stay at home mums. Some even use it as a means of family bonding! Every home baker has their own story. 

@theng.Bakery is run by a mother and daughter pair. They offer an array of eclairs, puffs, tarts and cupcakes. Talk about a powerful duo! Running a home bakery is not just a business or a hobby, it brings people closer together!

It is not a piece of cake!

Despite the low barriers of entry, running a successful home bakery also presents with its own set of challenges. In addition to baking, they have to procure their own ingredients, package the baked goods, manage marketing as well as delivery. Often, home bakeries are run only one or two people; some with a day job and/or a family to take care of. Imagine the pressure of having a massive bake sale for the coming holiday season!

At the end of the day, home bakers have to undergo a massive undertaking to fulfil their dreams. Their desire to share their immaculate creations with others motivates them to keep doing what they do best. Every purchase from a home baking encourages them to persevere with their efforts to bake for you and I.

Build an enterprising community in Singapore

In the hustle and bustle of the Singaporean lifestyle, expectations, as well as the costs of living, are high. Individuals may find it intimidating to step out of their comfort zone and build something for themselves. We salute the brave individuals that have taken the first step towards creating something magical!  By showing our support to these local home bakers, they are able to continue doing what they love and continue to produce innovative creations, a day at a time. Aspiring bakers will also be inspired to do the same. Everyone has the power to support and nurture the local entrepreneurial community. Fostering the spirit of creation in our little red dot is one of the key motivations for us at Homebakers.sg.  Ultimately, we will all benefit from the increase in local entrepreneurship. Singaporeans can enjoy a greater variety of fresh and delicious baked goods that taste like home. A win-win situation!

So how can you support local home bakers?
Your small actions can provide them with the momentum needed. This is especially so for those just starting out!  You can simply order from them as a treat for yourself or for any special occasion. Posting photos and reviews of their baked goods on social media can also help them gain exposure. Simply following and sharing their online profiles would also be of great help. Here at Homebakers.sg, we hope to help local home bakers share their wonderful creations with the world. Join us on our journey and enjoy the ride! Want to discover and support more local home bakers? Check out our article on 8 Amazing Home Bakers In Singapore