Who Are We?

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Welcome to our spanking new site — fresh out of the oven, some may say.
Thank you for being here; it really means a lot to us. Let us tell you our story.
My friend’s birthday was around the corner. I wanted a get him a cake, but I didn’t want something off the shelves found in a retail bakery. I was willing to pay for something made with love from the comfort of their own home.
However, an Instagram search for home bakers lead me to a deluge of results. It was hard for me to tell who was still active, which cakes were better, and how much they cost without having to exchange several messages. Delivery rates were also unpredictable and sometimes prohibitive. 
What if there was a platform on which such information was consolidated and presented in a digestible manner? Thus, homebakers.sg was born. 
While the idea budded from the desire to connect homebakers to potential clientele, we soon realized that homebakers faced a host of difficulties themselves. We decided to speak to a few of them to find out more about the problems they faced. Through our conversations, we gained an intimate knowledge of the industry and set out to establish a platform for the empowerment of the homebaker.
While we may still be in our infancy, we hope you stay with us to see what we’ve got up our sleeves. We hope to increasingly empower homebakers with each iteration of our platform. 
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