Trick-Or-Treat! Are These Bakes A Trick Or A Treat?

Trick-Or-Treat! Are These Bakes A Trick Or A Treat? featured image

It’s the spooky season as Halloween is just around the corner! Halloween is the favourite holiday for some people (not only children!)  for being one where we can dress up in spooky costumes and also get to eat tasty treats. Also known as “All Hallows’ Eve”, 31 October is celebrated for being the eve of All Hallows’ Day, and it was said that the line between our world and the afterlife was especially thin around All Hallows’ Eve – contributing to the spooky, ghostly atmosphere that we celebrate and love Halloween for today!

Popular Halloween traditions include wearing costumes (disguises so as not to be detected by the spirits – the creepier the costume, the more you fit in), pumpkin carving (from the Irish lore of Stingy Jack) and haunted houses (hands up for those who attend USS’ Halloween Horror Nights every year!)
Of course, not forgetting the signature Trick-or-Treat! Although we may not be able to go house-to-house to knock on every neighbour’s door this year, here’s introducing some ‘Tricks’ bakes and some ‘Treat’ bakes to spice up your Halloween celebrations!


This dark theme of @twoambakes is perfect for Halloween! Featured here is their Charcoal Cheese Gateau, complete with spooky, googly eyes! Will it be a trick or treat?

@dee_bakes offers customised cakes and this Shrek Butt cake is right down our ‘Trick’ alley! If you don’t get to dress up for trick-or-treating this year, dress up your cakes!

Do you see what I see? @get.sugary’s macarons are so well-designed, that eye staring at us is getting creepy! Get these Halloween Macarons to spook someone today!

@slumberbakes_sg’s spooktacular Marshmallow Brownie Bites look just like they have cobwebs on them, and also come with the ever-popular googly eyes! Perfect for a spooky corner at your table before you pop them in your mouth!


@_miloandpepper’s Halloween-themed collection is so adorable, they are definitely treats, not tricks! With these healthy and delicious mini sized donuts, no need to worry over having too many treats!

@n3tt3works says it the same as us: No Trick, Just Treats! Just look at the generous filling of their Salted Caramel FATcaronster (very on theme) – don’t miss this Halloween treat! 

This Halloween special box by @chocolatea_sg celebrates autumn flavours, the season that Halloween falls in. Don’t forget to check out their Spiced Maple Pumpkin Madeleine – for your dose of pumpkin this Halloween!

Lastly, check out these adorable cookies from, sad that they are not for sale.

Have a Spooktacular Halloween

While celebrations are definitely toned down this year, we believe that festivals are celebrated in your hearts. Keep the Halloween spirit alive and have a spooky good time this week!
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