Top 5 Bakes To Pair Your Morning Coffee With

Top 5 Bakes To Pair Your Morning Coffee With featured image

The Coffea arabica plant, from the family Rubiaceae, has blessed us with seeds that fuel some of our entire lives. Every year, we celebrate World Coffee Day on 1 October, and give thanks for the bean that grants us wakefulness and sometimes insomnia.  Is a morning truly a morning without coffee? That’s debatable. Every dawn, I pick myself up by my toes and necromance the living deadweight that is I. My limbs subconsciously find their way to my literal coffee table, where the earth shaking cacophony of grinding beans shakes the sleep out of my soul and kickstarts my day.  Coffee on its own, however, has barely any nutritional value. Its breakfast pairing, therefore, is critically important. Let’s skip ahead of this unnecessarily dramatic preamble and offer you a selection of bespoke coffee pairing picks. 

1. Croissants

 This French pastry is bound to put some English on your breakfast. Made by folding thin dough and butter a million times over, the iconic croissant is flaky, buttery, and browned to crispy perfection. The often mispronounced croissant is offered in a variety of flavours. 

@butterfoldscroissant offers both traditional croissants as well as fancy variants, such as the Chocolate Banana Croissant. 

2. Bagels

 Not to be confused with a dog breed popularized by a particular comic by Charles M. Shultz, the bagel finds its roots in the Jewish communities of Poland. Made with yeasted wheat dough, it is traditionally made in a ring. It has a dense, chewy interior and a sometimes crispy exterior. Served in different styles, the bagel is a surefire match for your morning coffee. 

Try’s Sesame Bagels, adorned with Sesame seeds to give it that extra oomph.

3. Biscotti

A hard and sweet Italian almond biscuit, the biscotto (plural: biscotti) gives you the crunch in the morning to kick start your day (or crack your tooth!). Too hard? Dip it in your coffee. Too soft? They’re stale; get a fresher biscuit.  

@biscottibakerysingapore offers these crunchy delights in the traditional almond flavours. If you’d like to try something different, flavours such as eggless apricot almond and orange peel are also available! 

4. Scones

 Now I know what you’re thinking: scones go with tea. Newsflash: they also go with coffee. Some rhyme it with ‘gone’, others rhyme it with ‘phone’; it’s actually okay either way. A baked good made with baking powder and wheat/oatmeal, it’s slightly sweetened and sometimes glazed with egg wash. 

@jammingscones has put a twist on the traditional scone and has fused it with eastern flavours like Okinawa Brown Sugar and Honey Yuzu. If your mouth isn’t watering already, do head to your nearest doctor or dentist to check for functioning salivary glands. 

5. Sourdough bread

 Have you ever had the pleasure of watching bread rise in the oven? Sourdough bread makers do. And it’s amazing. It’s almost as exhilarating as watching paint dry. Sourdough is fermented dough, using naturally occurring lactobacillaceae and yeast. The sour quality is a product of the lactic acid produced in the fermentation process.  

@smalltownsourdoughsg understands the perfect pairing that is sourdough and coffee. Head to their instagram page and try their homemade sourdough bread.

6. Bonus: Coffee Basque Cheesecake

 Congratulations for making it this far down the article. As a reward, you shall receive a coffee basque cheesecake by @holymolycake… as long as you pay for it! Having to choose between coffee or cheesecake? Why rack your brain? Kill two birds with one cake with a coffee basque cheesecake! 
 Imagine: the creamy, yet slightly bitter twang of a basque burnt cheesecake; harmonized with the roasty aroma of coffee. Name us a better combination. 

Coffee spelt backwards is … 

Coffee spelt backwards is eeffoc, and we do not give eeffoc until we have our favorite coffee and home baked pairing. In celebration of World Coffee Day on 1st October, start your days this month with your favourite pairing as you power through the month.

Support a home baker today and we promise their quality bakes will keep you coming back for more!