The Fatcaron Sensation—Twice the Happiness (and Twice the Weight Gain)

The Fatcaron Sensation—Twice the Happiness (and Twice the Weight Gain) featured image

Remember the way we dissected our beloved macarons in another article? Well, right after that, I was told by someone that their biggest gripe with the macaron was that it was too much money for too little value. And as much as I love macarons, I simply can’t disagree with that. You settle down for some post-dinner dessert, open your box of macarons, and start to chow down on it. The taste is simply divine. Again you reach for another one and suddenly, it’s all gone. They were just a tad too bite-sized, and a little too delicious.
The ease of chewing on the macaron is perhaps, then, what makes it so good and bad. It’s good for being easy and delicious to eat, but bad for simply not being enough. Thankfully, in the baking world where inventions constantly take the world by storm, fatcarons are part of this line-up of fascinating creations.

Otherwise called ttung-carons by the original creators (i.e. Koreans), these fatcarons are two or three times the size of normal macarons. Essentially speaking, they’re like an upsized version of macarons. Given that this also implies that there’s double- and triple-filling, the macarons can be best savoured like a burger: Slow, steady bites, and by letting the flavours roll around on your tongue.
In fact, such flavours certainly vary from the traditional macaron too. While the macaron is delicately piped with buttercream whip, the Korean version comes with some unpredictable flavours. It can be as simple as cut fruit like strawberries and mangoes, or as whimsical and fancy as mochi, sponge cake, and truffle flakes. As for the outrageous, some bakers have tried to top the competition by tossing in pizza and cheese. So in one fatcaron alone, you can have cream, chocolate, apples, and more funky ingredients sandwiched between two slabs of fat meringue shells.

It’s no surprise, then, that the flavour variety hits a ceiling. But that’s also where design comes in; as with bigger bakes, bakers have more room to explore icing colours and design. By far-and-large, some home bakers have literally fashioned the fatcaron to look like a hamburger, while others outfit whole cartoon characters out of iconic Disney or Marvel characters.
Bringing the fatcaron homeTurning inwards, local bakers have been quick to hop on this trend. Many have gone so far as to customise and create some local flavours to suit the Singaporean taste bud, and some of these designs are simply sublime! Still, you can’t go wrong if you stick with some conventional flavours too.
Here, the following includes a list of some of our personal selections.
1. is one such baker who keeps churning out brilliant ideas for every festival and season. Just recently, they rolled out a specially curated series of fatcarons to usher in the Chinese New Year season.

Some crazy creative CNY bakes from
A simple scroll of their feed also reveals that they’ve created various flavours for Christmas. We love an inventive baker!’s Christmas bakes

2. @mmfatcaron.sgHead on down to for some of the most aesthetically alluring fatcarons! 

Pleasing to the eye and stomach~
This time, our baker sticks with some go-to flavours that easily can’t go wrong; including the likes of strawberry cheesecake, matcha wafer, cheddar burger, raspberry, lemon, and shooting stars!
3. @lashshellbake_Unlike the traditional flat-rise meringue shells, @lashshellbake_ really hit it out of the park with these sandy seashells! The sandy coating for some fillings really add to the texture and design of these bakes as well.

@lashshellbake_ sells seashells by the seashore
These are part of their seashell series, which come in a set of six with the flavours of tiramisu, yoghurt strawberry, shooting star, injeolmi, mom is an alien, and raspberry fruity pebble.
Want to know more about macarons?If you’re interested to find out more about our other bakes and in particular, the anatomy of macarons, feel free to browse our blog to find out more. As for me—who’s practically salivating at the idea of these fatcarons—I might just buy one or two sets later. What about you?