HBSG 2021: Looking Bake

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They say that every cloud has a silver lining. Though there seems to be no end to the pandemic, many took this opportunity to take a leap of faith; us included. Many stepped back from their regular jobs, both voluntarily and involuntarily, and started their own businesses from home.  2020 to 2021 saw an exponential increase in the number of innovative individuals who took up the hobby of baking. With more time at home and fewer opportunities to dine out, many took to the kitchens for both culinary and self exploration. Some took an added step and turned it into a business altogether.

We saw this growing group of individuals and realized that many did not have a platform to show off their bakes. Though they had wonderfully delicious cakes, macarons, brownies and pastries, many found it challenging to traverse the world of social media to show off their goods.  Thus, Home Bakers Singapore was born to help these bakers through these challenges, providing home based kitchens a centralized platform to reach the masses. We are firm believers in the #supportlocal movement and the entrepreneurial spirit of these incredibly brave individuals.

2021 in numbers and beyond…

We have come a long way since our first post featuring 8 amazing home bakers back in May 2021, and we are thankful for all the support we have received from the community.  We  have grown as a team and (hopefully) championed the cause of supporting local, so that they can continue doing what they love, turning their dreams into reality.

186We’ve made 186 Instagram posts since May 2021! Now that’s a lot. Even so, we believe strongly in the quality of our content. That brings us to… 

29Full-length articles! Our team of writers tirelessly come up with ideas and content to provide our followers with a fun read. We write about anything and everything to do with baking– the culture, the anatomy and the activism behind each bake you eat. Do check them out at https://www.homebakers.sg/blog if you can!  

62That is the number of bakers we’ve promoted on our Instagram page. Working with both current as well as up-and-coming bakers, we’ve collaborated to come up with interesting captions, giveaways as well as supported positive activism to foster a buzz in this space. 

100This is the number of bakers that have onboarded with us at www.homebakers.sg. Onboarding will enable bakers to show off their goods on www.homebakers.sg, which offers the masses a centralized platform to browse, select, and potentially order their bakes. Stay tuned for the next iteration of our website coming in early 2022. 

1,140From our first post in May 2021 till the end of the year, we’ve garnered a respectable followership of 1140. Comprising both bakers as well as regular folks, we are happy to have a wide demographic of followers that are both young and old, male and female, and of all walks of life.  At HBSG, we love giving back. We’ve done 6 amazing giveaways with 6 amazing partners thus far, and hope to do even more in 2022.   3,000That’s how much we love you. Thank you for all your support this year. Each and every like, follow and DM means a lot to us. Thank you for helping us make our dreams come true.

Looking forward to 2022

 2022 is going to be even more exciting for HBSG. We have HUGE ideas planned (clue: www.homebakerssingapore.com version 2.0) and we hope that you can be part of it too.