Simple Ways We Can Show Our Support And Love To Home Bakers

Simple Ways We Can Show Our Support And Love To Home Bakers featured image

Did you know that the recent pandemic has sparked an increase in search demand for bakeries online? It was not too long ago last year during the circuit breaker period, that our family was scrambling to find bakeries with online delivery, especially for those with family members whose birthdays unfortunately coincided with the lock-down. Similarly, interest in home baking also saw a boost during the same period, and many took the step forward to open home bakeries online. 
We were extremely heartened to see tremendous support the community has showered to home bakers. Earlier, we have shared some of the reasons why we should support our very own local home bakers, and individuals have been reaching out to stand in solidarity with us. 
Today, we want to take a step further to explore how we can go about advocating for home bakers, and show our encouragement through our own actions? We have laid out 4 simple steps to do so, and the best thing is that you can do them in the comfort of your own home, right now.  

Order baked goods from them

Naturally, the most obvious way that you can show your support to home bakers is to buy from them. The money in exchange for these sweet treats would offer astounding support for these home bakers and keep their business growing. 

Today, social media and online e-commerce sites have made buying a cake from home bakers extremely easy and convenient for us. Like what you see on instagram? Slide them a DM or head over to their website to place an order, it is as simple as that. Instead of giving in to instant gratification, waiting for what home bakers can whip up can be extremely worth it too. After all, good things are worth the wait.  
Many home bakers simply want to spread the love with their delightful creations, hence your support and purchase will mean the world to them. Ultimately, buying their baked goods is the biggest testament to their works, and you are basically signaling that their products are worth your money.

Post photos and reviews

So you have bought a cake from a home baker, what’s next? After receiving your amazing baked goods, let your camera dig in first! Then, enjoy the cake and pamper your taste buds with the sweet or savoury sensations from the magical blend between the fresh ingredients used and the heart behind the home bakers creations. 

Taking beautiful photos of their bakes and posting them on social media helps to spread the word to your large network of family and friends, and encourage them to buy a cake from them too. Home bakers, unlike the larger establishments, do not have the luxury of spending large amounts of money and time on marketing their products to a wider reach, they usually depend a lot on word of mouth to spread the word.  Hence, test your creativity skills and post meaningful IG stories and be sure to tag the home baker to let them know your appreciation! 
Do not forget to leave a good review on their page (if well deserved) or provide some honest feedback as well! This would mean a lot to the home bakers! 

Follow and engage their social media

Buying a cake once a week may be too much for the average Singapore who do not have a metabolism system as capable as that of Michael Phelps, and together with the Health Promotion Board, the team at would highly encourage you to pace yourself when pampering your stomach with these sweet treats. 

Another way to support our home baker community is to actively engage in their social media! Follow their account or our IG page to keep up to date with what they have to share to their followers. Trust in the algorithm and occasionally, you may chance upon other home bakers with a variety of dessert offerings. 
Sharing their content on your account increases their audience reach. Liking their content also spreads their content to a wider community, so lift up your finger and hit that little heart under their post! Commenting on their posts is another way to support them too. So, follow, like, comment and share to help them reach a wider audience!

Share and buy them for your friends and family!

Like the saying goes, food tastes better when share . If you enjoy a home baker’s product, keep in mind to buy another for your loved ones next time? It can be a wonderful gift for special occasions or a sweet addition to a party. 

The variety of home bakers available today will definitely provide you with plenty of choices for every special occasion. Whether it is cakes for birthdays; anniversaries or Christmas, pineapple tarts for Chinese New Year or special bakes for Mother’s day, home bakers have got you covered. For example, we have recently compiled a comprehensive list of all the home bakers offering special baes for Father’s Day, and you can see that we will never be short of options!

What’s more, most of these delicious bakes come with the option to personalize it for the occasion. 

What is the bottomline?

There are a variety of ways to support our local home bakers. If there is one takeaway,  your support goes a long way to keeping home bakers alive and growing. Together with the #supportlocal movement, lets satisfy our sweet tooth from our neighbours in the community. 
Here at, we hope to help local home bakers share their wonderful creations with the world. Join us on our journey and enjoy the ride!