Plant-Based Bakes: A Conscious Choice Without Compromise

Plant-Based Bakes: A Conscious Choice Without Compromise featured image

Veganism has been growing in popularity on our little Asian island. Recognized as the most vegan friendly city in Asia by PETA Asia, and 6th top vegan city in the world by Happy Cow, it is without any surprise that vegan baking has begun to take Singapore by storm.
Though not necessarily healthier, they generally do contain less saturated fats. Vegan bakes are, however, more environmentally friendly. Without the usage of dairy and eggs, individuals who are wary of unethical farming practices may also turn to vegan desserts as a more sustainable alternative. 
The dollar cost of vegan baking, however, is relatively higher as compared to traditional baking. Moving forward, however, we are convinced that plant-based baking (and food in general) is the socially responsible way forward!
Still on the fence? Perhaps you could kick off your vegan bakes binge with the following items! 
1. Love Blessing Bundle by @twtplantedbyhei

Kicking off our list of vegan bakes is twtplantedbyhei’s vegan treat bundle! With a vegan twist on the classic Peanut Butter & Jelly combination, this may be a gentle segue into your journey of vegan desserts. 

2. Crispy Tempeh Avocado Toast by @bakeyvakey 

Not really to “invest” just yet? Perhaps you can do it yourself first! Bakeyvakey’s instructional video on a Crispy Tempeh Avocado Toast teaches you how to make your own delicious vegan treat step-by-step! 
3. Nut-Free Cakes by @thecleanaddicts

In addition to being vegan, thecleanaddicts provide nut-free alternatives to individuals who are allergic to nuts. Do let them know if you’ve any other dietary requirements and they would do their best to accommodate them. With a vegan spin on classics such as Cacao Fudge, Matcha x Sesame and Double Choc Mochi cakes, you’d be sure to find a vegan bake that suits your palate! 
4. March’s Assorted Box by @raebakesvegan

Love chocolate? Hate the idea of eating animals? Raebakesvegan has just the solution for you! Her March assorted blondie box comes with the following: 2 classic sea salt dark choc, 1 roasted Japanese black sesame and 1 of Ryan’s fav! Slots are limited! Be sure to follow them to catch their future bake boxes. 
5. Cookies by @ourveganbakery

Ourveganbakery’s all-time favourite cookies are back! With flavours such as Matcha Pistachio, Orange Cranberry Almond and Earl Grey Lavender; these mouth-watering flavours are sure to tickle your palate. Have them as breakfast with your favourite cup of tea or coffee: truly a match made in heaven.
6. Vegan Cakes by @locaba_singapore

A stalwart of vegan bakes, locaba_singapore is a household name in healthy desserts. With a wide variety of flavours, you’d be completely spoilt for choice! 
7. Vegan Cakes by @fla.bakes

Love butter but also wish to be conscious about your dairy consumption? fla.bakes makes their cakes with plant based butter! Low in sugar, it’s the healthier choice for eco-conscious individuals who wish to scrimp on the calories too! 

There was once a time where eating vegan was a compromise. However, that’s all changed today! Like they say, “don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!” Place an order with a vegan local home baker today. 
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