Back To The Office? Here’s 4 Perfect Tart & Colleague Pairings

Back To The Office? Here’s 4 Perfect Tart & Colleague Pairings featured image

As we return to the office (soon again), you may want to get something special for the people you have so dearly missed (or dreaded). Tarts are like people: we’re all generally the same on the outside, but it’s the filling that sets us apart. Here are 4 different tarts for 4 different kinds of office colleagues that we’re all too familiar with.

Egg Tart x Office Fairy Godmother

 We all love her. She feeds you when you’re hungry. She feeds you when you’re sad. She feeds you when you’re happy. Heck, she feeds you when you’re full. She’s the mother away from home and you feel a void in the workplace whenever she’s away.

Spoil her with something classic and timeless like herself. Spoil her with the evergreen egg tart from @flash.bakes. Remind her of the good old days with the smooth, yet delicately firm egg pudding, resting in a bed of crumbly pastry. She deserves it and you know it. 

Orh Nee Tart x The Relentless Boss

The Boss. The Main Man/Woman. They don’t let you rest. They see a compendium of folders on your desk but feel no remorse in slapping another Britannica thick binder on your desk.  Despite all that, they watch out for you. They take the fall should something go wrong and they share the glory if something goes right. They work you hard, but they also work you right. They’ve gone through the ranks and you aspire to be like them one day.  The Orh Nee Tart is a symbol of gravitas and perseverance. Having a decades long history and taking hours to prepare, the Orh Nee Tart is a culmination of classic dextrous labour and modern innovation.

@rain.bake’s Orh Nee Tarts are adorned generously with gingko nuts to maintain your mental acuity and finesse. It is the perfect match for The Relentless Boss.

Chocolate Tart x Office Pantry Gossipers

 Much like a living encyclopedia, except versed in the extensive knowledge of personnel information. They can be usually found in the office pantry, spilling tea (not often literally, hopefully) and sharing updates of their latest juicy discovery with the hive mind.

The Chocolate Tart is the perfect gift for them.’s Manuka Honey Chocolate Tart, amongst the gamut of other flavours, is a fine choice. A little bribery to sweeten their words in case you are the chosen topic of discussion for the day!

Fruit Tart x Office Buddy

It’s you and your office buddy against the world. You came in bug-eyed and fresh. The Office Buddy took you under their wing and gave you a crash course of the nuances of your new workplace. Where would you be without them? Now, you both go through thick and thin together: surviving the onslaught of calories from the Office Fairy Godmother, the ever increasing workload from The Relentless Boss, and bearing the brunt of the grapevine from the Office Pantry Gossipers.

You want to treat them to something bright and zesty to turn that frown upside down.

@cravebakery’s fruit tarts are the ideal combination of artistic mastery and gustatory perfection. Share a variety box with your Office Buddy over a nice cup of tea. Seek solace in the thought that you will alway have each other’s backs. Get your Office Buddy what they deserve. 

Anyhow… We’re back at the office 

 Perhaps you’d like to get a little something for everyone?

@dustingflour’s tart bake box presents a harmonious spread that’s sure to tickle every palate. 

Tantalizing (t)articles and more

 We hope that this tarticle has given you some useful ideas for your return to the office. As the adage goes: a good tart is the way to a good heart. No, we did not just make that up.  If you’ve enjoyed reading this, be sure to check out our love letter to kueh