It’s A Party!

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The perfect desserts for your child’s party (or for the child in you)

 As a kid, your imagination knows no bounds. Your pillow fort is a castle, you are the kings and queens of your land (your room) and you vanquish evil fire-breathing dragons with your broadsword (a long ruler) and shield (your pillow). You are astronauts, engineers, superheroes, Robin Hoods and monsters, in the name of exploration and fun. The desserts and bakes we will be introducing today are similarly inventive, imaginative and colourful – bringing to life (or to cake) the characters and themes that kids love to love. 

Cute images and happy colours coupled with crowd-popular flavours, these are the ingredients to put you in the mood for a smashing party! If you have children or you are a child at heart, check out these creations for any birthday or party you may have upcoming. In line with prevailing social gathering restrictions, these options are perfectly sized for a small cozy number to enjoy as well!  

Bespoke Cakes – Papa Bear sized 

Cakes are one of a child’s favourite treat ever; after all, it is almost synonymous with birthday parties, the most special day of their little lives! Give them a day to remember with bespoke cakes of their favourite cartoon characters or themes – princesses, pirates or We Bare Bears, you name it! 

@_miloandpepper’s bespoke cakes are a sight to behold! Featured here are fairy-themed cakes – looking like an elf would pop out of the door any moment. With many popular cake flavours available to choose from, you’d be able to customise the perfect cake that your child would love! 

@stick to grams also offers customised themed cakes, using wonderfully designed macarons as the character toppings! There are enough macarons to go around for everyone and the characters look so cute, you might not bear to bite into them!

Perhaps all your child asks for their cake is chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate? Check out’s Chocolate Lover’s Cake, sure to elicit squeals of excitement when children set their eyes upon the chocolatey treats. Indulgence is alright once in a while! 

Korean Cakes – Mama Bear sized 

Also known as bento cakes, these Korean-style minimalist cakes have been all the rage lately! Typically smaller in size at around 4 inches, it is more economical than getting a traditionally-sized birthday cake yet more aesthetic and satisfying than getting just a single slice of cake. Usually decorated in pastel hues, the cake designs are cute and customisable, so your child’s favourite character can come to life. 

Check out bakers @hlbakes and @tiposhomebakes who offer these adorable Korean cakes on their menus! 

Cupcakes – Baby Bear sized

As the name suggests, cupcakes are like little cakes in a cup. They’re perfect for when you want to have a treat, but not too much – which is also great if you want to watch the sugar intake of your kid (or yourself)! Children also love digging into a cupcake and with customisable cupcakes available these days, every child can have one with their favourite character on it – no need to fight for the centrepiece decoration! 

Every kid these days knows and loves Peppa Pig! This design by @ramesweetedition is sure to be a hit when you open the box and the children spot their favourite characters! 

This dreamy set just reminds you of the colours of a kid’s playroom! @_miloandpepper also offers bespoke cupcake selections.

Dessert Table – A bit of everything for Goldilocks

To bring your party up a notch, add more desserts to your selection! For sweet lovers (and your children), a buffet spread of desserts is like a dream come true. More is more – just remember to brush your teeth before you see the dentist! For these bite-sized treats, just pick ‘em up and go, ready to rejoin the party activities. 

What’s better than a macaron? These Pepero Macarons from @thecrashbaker are bound to pique your child’s interest!  

This one is for all the little princesses out there, pick your favourite princess from @niteowl_patisserie’s designs! 

Cake pops are great for a dessert table, as you can pick one up and polish it off without getting your fingers sticky. And for the great finisher, check out @_miloandpepper’s Bespoke Dessert Tower below, the ultimate all-in-one! Pick one of everything!

Tea Party – Do you wanna have a party?

Finally, you don’t really need to have a birthday or special occasion to throw a party your child will remember. Hold an afternoon tea party with your children and enjoy some of these easy teatime snacks, you can host a few of their favourite playmates or just make do with an attendance of their favourite soft toys! Even without being extravagant, your children will hold these lovely moments to their hearts for years to come.

These adorable Snoopy cookies and cute milk buns by are great for an afternoon tea party!

With flavours like Oreo and Honey Lemon, these madeleines from @offbaker are perfect for a spot of an afternoon tea party! 

Don’t these Nutella blossoms by @piyusbakes remind you of Scully from Monster’s Inc? Nutella is another crowd favourite with children, not to be missed!

Levelling up butter cookies with character designs, @niteowl_patisserie is also great for a cheery afternoon snack!

We didn’t realise we were making memories; we just knew we were having fun. -Winnie the Pooh 

With Children’s Day coming up in a few weeks, we can take the opportunity to throw a little party for the children at home, who have had to bear with the many restrictions of life these months. While this is no doubt a strange period of childhood for them, with a few simple treats, your kids can have a special day, even at home!