How To Get S’more Out Of Your Marshmallow

How To Get S’more Out Of Your Marshmallow featured image

I’m Gonna Need S’More Of That

What do all American summer camp movies have in common? A campfire scene with diet busting s’mores roasting over the crackling flames. With the occasional zoom into the caramelizing crust of the marshmallow, you hear your salivary glands squeal in gluttonous agreement.  Here in our sunny red dot, however, our marshmallow roastings are much less sophisticated. Most commonly held over the dying cinders of a BBQ session at its end, the simple naked marshmallow is a sweet, gooey treat for those of us not too stuffed to eat any further. Today, we’ll be exploring how to get (s)more out of your marshmallow. 

 A s’more is an incredibly complex and intricate delicacy that takes decades of practice to achieve even a slightly palatable end-product. First, one has to delicately stack chocolate on marshmallow, before sandwiching them between two graham crackers. Utmost care has to be taken to prevent fracturing the biscuits, before introducing them to a flame for a definite amount of time– not a microsecond too long or too short.  Fret not, greedy one– now that we’ve got your mouth juices churning, here’s a curated list of s’more-esque items available for order at this very moment!  

S’more Brownies 

Their s’more brownies are as delicious as @cravingsmore is punny! Featuring a crackly and crispy top with a gooey and generous center, these brownies are perfected with toasted golden brown marshmallows and drizzled with chocolate syrup.    

S’mores Cookie Pods 

The S’more the merrier! @tastytogo’s Sharing Box will feed your entire family! With a delicious blend of your favourite familiar chocolates, they’re sure to sweeten up your day. Less is more? Wrong! S’more is S’more!!!   

S’mores Kit

Are you, perhaps, a more Do-It-Yourself kind of person? Well, @smores_2go has got you covered! While still a new kid on the block, they are local pioneers of DIY s’mores kits! All you need is patience, love, and a working source of heat!  

Want S’more of such content?

Unfortunately, we cannot stop with the S’more puns, just like how we cannot stop feasting on these gooey treats.

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