How to dress a Cupcake

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Bringing back a brand new instalment of our How to dress up a bake, today, we look into cupcakes. Incontestably so, these treats are one of the most popular ones among the baking community! In fact, for many novice bakers, they’re pretty much the go-to beginner’s bake as they often have a lower learning curve, and can be less daunting to make with their pre-existing tin moulds.

But that doesn’t make it any less unique or difficult to make a cupcake. After all, while the actual cupcake itself may be do-able in terms of basic baking skills, other concerns may arise. Flavours need to stand out and be unique, but also complement one another; likewise, bakes cannot be too rich or too light, and need to be well-balanced when they come in a set. Lastly, given its flat and round-ish exterior, cupcakes can also be decorated and dressed up in various ways. As bakers, then, where do we begin to bake? And as customers, where do we start with our purchasing?

To ease any analysis paralysis or cluelessness, we’ve decided to put together a list of some of our local cupcake experts, and what specialties of theirs have been tossed into the mix! Read on to find out more.

More yum for less tum

A common concern with eating cupcakes is often about how cupcakes can pile onto our calorie count. On average, cupcakes also cost at least 200+ calories. Typically, though, the normal, yummy, store-bought ones weigh-in at 300 calories.

At @the_good_cupcakes though, this concern has been pretty much eradicated by their healthier option cupcakes that do not exceed the 150 calorie cap. This provides an easy fix for gluttonous eaters like me, who want to guzzle down cupcakes without having to suffer from the whiplash of excessive calorie count.

The Blueberries & Cream, for one, is only 133 calories. (Really? With calories?)

@the_good_cupcake sells low-calorie cupcakes

There’s no discrimination on the design either. Here at @the_good_cupcakes, they prove that even in keeping calories below 150, you don’t have to compromise how gorgeous your cupcakes are. Take a look at these flower cupcakes.

Beautifully iced flower cupcakes that are “Never More than 150 Calories”

They have pre-set flavours, but if you’re also looking to cater to a special order, this store does that as well! That particularly applies for birthday bashes and celebrations.

Cartoon-cakes and Delicious Bakes

Perhaps for some of us, the best cupcakes are either minimal or funky in design. If so, you might want to check this baker out! 

Down at @butterstudio, their cupcakes are perfect for birthday celebrations for kids and adults alike! Looking at their page, they seem to be an idea-generating machine when it comes to inventing cute bakes.

Superhero cupcakes!

Some of their designs are also pleasantly minimalistic and sweet, like their recent Raya cupcakes!

Eid Mubarak to my Muslim friends!

If you’re looking to get some special cupcakes for a kid’s birthday, or just some themed cupcakes for a festive occasion, @butterstudio is the right way to go, especially since they rise to the occasion for both kids and adults. Moreover, not only are their designs perfectly catered to the season and time, their icing and piping skills are also a work of art on their own. So look no further and check out their gorgeous feed to find out more about their elegant and (often) minimalist cupcakes!

Wacky, adorable, designs~

@onicupakes also do a sublime job of ideation and execution when it comes to creative and wacky cupcakes. Just look at the following set of Chinese New Year cupcakes.

Huat ah!

These are some of the most well-decorated cupcakes I’ve ever seen. Apart from piping the frosting on each one, this was coupled with fitting decorations that matched the raucous nature of Chinese New Year. Evidently, each one was made with tender-loving care and thought.

Same for the following Dinosaur-themed cupcakes!

Dino-mite cupcakes, indeed!

Also thoroughly experienced in delivering on kids’ birthday parties, @onicupcakes mainly caters to kids — though it is certainly not exclusive to this crowd either. Nonetheless, if you’re tending to your usual adult duties of potlucking food to your friend’s Baby Shower, check @onicupcakes’ plethora of designs. You might just find something that pleases the palate and eye.

Happy Cupcake Shopping!

Now that you’ve come to the end of the article, enjoy your Cupcake Shopping! (Don’t be too tempted and buy like 50 sets, though.) Follow us on our Instagram as well.