How To Dress A Cookie

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Cookies are one of the most quintessential bakes and often the first sweet treat people learn to bake. Which type of cookies did you start out with? Tiny, pop-in-your-mouth Famous-Amos-style cookies or palm-sized indulgent ones filled with toppings? Whichever was the case, we’re sure you could not stop yourself from finishing the whole tub/cookie!

Cookies come in all kinds of flavours, shapes and sizes – much like us humans! Just as different fashion styles match each of us differently, different ways of ‘dressing up’ cookies also help to bring out the best in each of them. Let us delve into the intricacies of cookie fashion.

Less is More

For those who prefer a minimalist fashion style, monochrome is often the colour palette of choice. The following cookies, too, appeal to those who are mono in their taste palates. These bite-sized cookies are fuss-free and exemplify the principle of “Less is More” – packing a solid punch with every tiny mouthful. You won’t be able to stop popping them! reminds us that baking is just like life, each cookie is unique like each of us! No matter what obstacles you may face, stay tough, cheer yourself up with cookies and you can overcome anything. 

Do these cookies spark joy? Yes, they do! @auntieongbakes’s cookies don’t need anything extra – the whole essence is the cookie itself!

Butter cookies are the most basic formula and shortest road to happiness. These cookies by @charliebakescakes simply look like pure joy!

Walking the catwalk

On the other end of the spectrum, fashion is all about experimentation and self-expression. It catches your eye, captures your heart and inspires your spirit. Variety and experimentation are at the core of the following funky cookies, right up the alley for all you adventurous fashionistas with a sweet tooth!

Check out’s revolutionary open-face lava cookie, we promise you’ve never seen something like this! Their sharing box also comes in 6 different flavours for you to mix things up, and to keep things fresh, they have recently started releasing seasonal flavours as well. Take your pick! has reinvented the cookie by combining it with campfire-favourite marshmallows to give birth to their signature S’mores Cookie Pods. For even more variety, they also have fruit versions of the toppings! They are also a Muslim-owned store, perfect for sharing a treat with your Muslim friends!

Sunday Best

Everyone has that one best outfit in your wardrobe, too precious to wear often, only breaking it out once or twice a year for an event or a wedding. Looking polished and well-dressed is sure to bring out your best side and these tea-infused cookies are filled with just the same sort of fine taste as your best suit or gown. Immerse yourself in the elegance and fragrance of the flavours and enjoy them with a cup of fancy tea on a slow Sunday afternoon.

@pokit_cookie offers 3 flavours: Po-Kit Signature, Blooming 1900s and Hibiscus Glow. Pick your choice of flowery tea, sweet tart blooms or herbal floral flavours!

Sporty crunch

There are some of us who practically live in sportswear/athleisure – this is for all the gym bros and yoga sisters out there! Just like how sports refreshes us and brings a fresh snap of energy to our lives, these cereal cookies will wake you right up with the added crunchy texture to the cookie. They are also low in fat so feel free to pop a few more of them, you deserve a treat after your workout! Spot me!

@kimme.ko’s cereal crunch cookies come in a few flavours but one thing’s for certain: they are golden brown, just like your tan is! Check out this local treat that we all love to pop!


Now that the majority of us are working from home, many of us are probably sheepishly wearing our most comfortable and girl-next-door home clothes 70% of the time (when there are no meetings scheduled)! Although this fashion style is not for the streets, it is what we turn to when we need comfort for our souls. Just like our most comfortable clothes, these familiar flavours remind us of the best days of our childhood.

Give your inner child the treat of the day with @crumbsn.cookies’s Reese’s and Ferrero Rocher flavours – we have to grow old but we don’t have to grow up!

Whichever is your preferred choice of fashion, here at HomeBakers Singapore we believe that being yourself is the best. ♥ So wear your hearts on your sleeve, pick a cookie you love and show some of that love by supporting our featured home bakers today!