Coffee Met Bagel; Cake Meets What?

Coffee Met Bagel; Cake Meets What? featured image

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone with loved ones or ready to make more room in your stomach for an after-dinner dessert, there’s a cake to be had for all these special moments.
While these experiences might revolve around a cake, eating it wouldn’t be complete without a suitable pairing. What better way would there be to wash down a dense, decadent slice of frosted chocolate cake than with a hot drink? Some cake pairings are already iconic. Think of a hot fudge brownie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, add a drizzle of caramel sauce if you’d like. Perfect to share after a meal, but I’m sure a lot of us wouldn’t mind having a serving to ourselves.

What typically makes these pairings especially delicious, sometimes even enhancing the experience of eating a cake, is how the pair complements the flavours and textures of a particular cake. Today we’d like to present to you five unique cakes, varying greatly from each other in flavour profile and texture, and two ways to enjoy them each.

We presented our followers on Instagram with five unique cakes and two complementary choices each. Here’s what they have to say about the best ways to have your cake.

Lemon Cake

From moist, buttery loaves, to airy slices of cake, the twang of lemon complements them all. This flavour profile creates a harmony of sweet and zesty, developing the flavour and fragrance of baked sugar and citrus without being too acidic or saccharine.

For an afternoon pick-me-up, consider having a slice of lemon cake with a cup of hot coffee. Coffee and lemon cakes both share a slight acidic twang. callopatisserie is currently selling boxes of four frosted mini lemon pound cakes. While they stand by the coffee and lemon cake combination (as well as 65% of you guys!), those who’d prefer a cooler and sweeter treat could try pairing lemon cake with a scoop of sorbet. Try a sorbet flavour like raspberry or mango, they’re similarly tart but do not overpower the sour tang of lemon.

Banana cake

Banana bread definitely had it’s moment among home bakers last year, but what about banana cake? 61% of our respondents would have a slice of banana cake with a cup of tea. 

We’d recommend a blend like earl grey that’s as fragrant and flavourful as this sweet, spiced cake. Alternatively, adding a spread like Nutella on the side would make for a more decadent dessert experience.

Beyond their cracked surfaces, the banana cakes that is currently selling are delicious, soft and fragrant. If you’d like more crunch or a sweeter dessert walnut and chocolate variations are available as well.  

Basque burnt cheesecake

Beyond their unassuming, scorched crust, there’s a scrumptious, creamy, rich and gooey centre that’s sure to please. 

This re-interpretation of the classic cheesecake ups the ante with a richer texture and bolder flavours. While both berry compote and matcha have flavours that would pair well with the overt creaminess of Basque Burnt Cheesecake, 71% of our respondents voted for matcha latte as your preferred pairing. Fans of sour flavours might prefer berry compote, but the sweet, milky and slightly bitter after taste of a matcha latte would complement a Basque Burnt Cheesecake just as well. Heistastebuds currently sells Basque burnt cheesecakes in four flavours, including Lotus Biscoff, Chocolate Orange and Matcha. Apart from enhancing the sweet, creamy flavours, the bitter notes of coffee and matcha create a unique, delicious rendition of the Basque burnt cheesecake. 

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cakes, and chocolate in cakes, are a tried and true classic. It’s hard to imagine any chocolate cake combos leaving you wanting more. A refreshing glass of cold milk would pair well, and 70% of our respondents seem to think so too! As a complement, milk enhances the chocolate flavours of a cake. For a fresher alternative, another classic combination would be fruit and chocolate cake.

We’re no strangers to the image of freshly cut strawberries and bananas lined up for a chocolate fondue and the iconic status this combination has attained. While we might not be able to have such elaborate dessert experiences, helping yourself to a side of berries might make your experience even sweeter!

If reading all these makes you hungry, consider the Valrhona Triple Dark Chocolate with Crispearl Bundt cake with Crispearls from Wawabakes_sg. Having spent months testing and improving on their product, you will surely not be disappointed . Their crispypearl brings out the best texture together with the layer of chocolate cream on top of the moist cake. Humbly claimed by the makers, this is the best chocolate cake they have to offer! 

Pandan chiffon cake

A local classic, well-loved for its pleasantly light flavour and airy texture, we present the pandan chiffon cake. For these qualities, the pandan chiffon can be called upon if you’re up for a quick and easy snack or a light breakfast to start the day.

For a light, delicious snack, try pairing your slice of pandan chiffon cake with a mug of hot milo. 71% of respondents believe it to be a reliable combination as well. Alternatively, a chiffon cake presents the perfect opportunity to try more decadent cake complements. An icy banana milkshake would pair perfectly for it’s tropical, fruity flavour.

Cottonchiffonbakery specialises in producing chiffon cakes with airy, cottony textures. While they have various chiffon cake flavours available for purchase, their pandan chiffon collection immediately caught our attention! Apart from the classic pandan chiffon, their other interpretations of this cake incorporate classic and local flavours like chocolate and ondeh ondeh.


 Our minds might rush to a specific image of ‘cake’ as a universally sweet, frosted dessert. Looking beyond this assumption, cakes are constantly being reinvented and reinterpreted by bakers. With never ending additions of new flavours, textures and presentations comes new ways of delighting in dessert. 

We hope that in this list you have found new pairings, or classic combinations you love. We’d also like to thank all our followers who have participated in the poll for the article. 

Lastly, be sure to check out the home bakers mentioned and lend them your support if you’d like to try any of the pairings mentioned!