Cheesecakes, But Better

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You may not know that cheesecakes originated 4000 years ago, back in Ancient Greece! This original cheesecake was made from fresh cheese patties grounded with flour and honey, and baked in earthenware. Since then, the cheesecake recipe has evolved over the centuries, making its way through Europe and America, with the most well known version being the New York cheesecake.

Today, cheesecake remains a popular dessert and many bakers continue to create new flavours of this all-time favourite cake.

Classic Cheesecakes, But Better

What do you do when you’re spoilt for choice? @themunchmunchco has the answer for you! With their Assorted 10 Slice Whole Cheesecake, you can have the time of the day choosing all of your favourite flavours! Great for sharing as well, check our their menu for their full range of flavours!

@mirzah.sweets.pastries has spiced up the classic cheesecake with their signature Layered Cheesecakes! Pictured here is the Triple Berry Layered Cheesecake, with its butter crumb base and layers containing pure cheese, fresh blueberries, dried cranberries, strawberry jam and mixed berry cheese. It is a marriage of flavours!

If you prefer nutty flavours, you can check out their Matcha Toffeenut Layered Cheesecake, which promises both a symphony of flavours and textures with each bite!

For another inventive flavour, check out’s Apple Crumble Cheesecake! We love the idea of marrying two classic desserts into one!

Similarly, get the best of both worlds when you eat this Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake Brownie! Perfectly sized for a snack, and you can’t go wrong with Lotus Biscoff!

Oreo is one of the all-time favourite flavours of cheesecakes, and here has also chosen to retain the crunch of the Oreo biscuits within the cheesecake layer itself!

@kelly.homebakes specialises in a different sort of cheesecake – the No Bake Cheesecake. Made with fresh fruits, their cheesecakes have been said to be like an ice cream cake! Check them out for a different cheesecake experience!

If you can’t make up your mind, they also offer a Half-Half Cheesecake where you can combine two of your favourite flavours!

Basque Burnt Cheesecakes

This version of cheesecake is much younger, and can be traced back to 1990, originating from La Viña, a traditional bar-restaurant in San Sebastián, Spain. Since then, this recipe has been wildly popular and reproduced all around the world. The basque cheesecake’s characteristic burnt exterior gives it its name, and its irregular edges and blackened surface means that it appears less beautiful externally as compared to its classic cheesecake cousin. However, it is precisely this caramelised surface that adds the unique aroma and complexity to its taste when paired with its creamy, melting heart. focuses on the flavour of their Original Basque Burnt Cheesecake – using 4 different types of quality cheese to achieve a more complex and balanced flavour. Adding citrus and sour cream to cut through the richness, paired with its vanilla afternotes and slight bitterness of the burnt surface, this encapsulates the spirit of a basque burnt cheesecake!

@whitesbakery prides themselves on the texture of their basque burnt cheesecakes – a perfect creamy and soft melting centre! Choose from one of their 6 popular flavours – original, matcha, hojicha, earl grey, lotus biscoff and taro!

@theblackladlekitchen brings even more luxury to a basque cheesecake with their creation – the Molten Basque Cheesecake. Featured here is their Godiva Molten Choc Cheesecake, just look at that molten chocolate core! This is your choice for pure decadence!

The one is for all the durian lovers! Every dessert has a durian version made for it and here has delivered! They offer both Mao Shan Wang Durian and D24 Durian flavours on their menu!

If you find a full-sized cheesecake too rich or too much to handle, you can go for @huarantinesg’s Burnt Cheese Pillow – just enough for 2-3 pax but fulfilling your basque burnt cheesecake cravings!

Homebaked Cheesecakes

Rich, creamy and decadent, cheesecake is one of the most luxurious desserts we know. However, you don’t have to go to a fancy storefront to get a wonderfully baked cheesecake. Our home bakers know what flavours you love, and bake with the most important ingredient – their love of baking. Support a home baker today and we promise their quality bakes will keep you coming back for more!