5 Amazing Pies To Order Today And How To Build A Pie Lattice in 11 Easy Steps!

5 Amazing Pies To Order Today And How To Build A Pie Lattice in 11 Easy Steps! featured image

In light of Pi Day (3.14), here’s a list of pies and a bonus step by step, easy to visualize guide on how to build an amazing pie lattice!  The pie originated in the 18th century Middle East, where angled foods were chastised due to a belief that the edges bring bad luck. Food had to be made in concentric forms that had neither beginning, nor end. The great Sir Pielotter thus invented the very first pie; made with a primitive dough rust stuffed with rhubarb and figs. In its original Aramaic form, the word “pie” ended with a guttural umlaut, but its name lives on till this day. 

Though we may have made that all up, here’s a list 5 amazing pies from bakers that you should definitely patronise!   

 1. @elijahpies Speculoos Hōjicha Pie 

Elijahpies has been in the Singapore pie game for millenia. The stalwarts of our local pie scene, they continue to break the frontiers of undiscovered flavours and textures. Their Speculoos Hōjicha Pie is a testament to their vision and creativity. Hop on over to their instagram page to discover their wonderful creations for yourself.

2. @windowsillpies Pineapple Huat Tart

 Though this particular pie is no longer available, many of their other pies still are! We just love the aesthetic lattice art on their Lunar New Year special Pineapple Huat Tart. Love lattice work? Well, a guide for a simple lattice can be found below! Windowsillpies’ pies never fail to disappoint, with a perfect balance of flaky pastry and delicious filling. 


3. @sae__takagi’s Pecan Pie 

It’s really no wonder that sae_takagi’s pies are almost immediately sold out upon release. Their immaculate attention to detail and their selection of only the finest ingredients ensures quality like no other. Their classic Pecan Pie is the textbook epitome of the ultimate Pecan Pie. 

4. @bakersonthehill’s Apple Pie 

Reminisce the taste of grandma’s cooking with bakersonthehill’s classic Apple Pie. With a beautifully crusted lattice and a generously stuffed crust, fill up that pie shaped void in your life with a delightful Apple Pie from bakersonthehill!  

5. Caramelandcreme’s Korean strawberries – Strawberry pistachio tart 

Is a tart a pie? Who cares; we’d let this one slip just because of how delectable it looks. Imagine this: sweet, full and juicy Korean strawberries, adorned with happy bites of pistachios bathing in creme atop a perfectly brittle crust. Need we say more?  

Lattice: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

So you’ve got the dough but you simply can’t figure out how to build a pleated lattice to save your life. Here’s a simple, visual step-by-step guide made with strips of paper on how to build your perfect lattice.

  Step 1: Place 5 horizontal strips

Step 2: Fold back horizontal strips 1, 3 and 5:

Step 3: Place vertical strip 1

Step 4: Unfold horizontal strips 1, 3 and 5

Step 5: Fold back horizontal strips 2 and 4

Step 6: Place vertical strip 2

Step 7: Unfold horizontal strips 2 and 4

Step 8: Fold horizontal strips 1, 3 and 5, place vertical strip 3

Step 9: Unfold horizontal strips 1, 3 and 5, fold them on the other end and place vertical strip 4

Step 10: Unfold horizontal strips 2 and 4, fold horizontal strips 1, 3 and 5

Step 11: Place vertical strip 5 and unfold horizontal strips 1, 3 and 5. Voila!

 We hope we’ve made it easy for you to visualize the art of building a pie lattice in these 10 simple steps! After which, simply crimp the edges, paint on some eggwash and place the pie into the oven. Enjoy the fruits of your labour!