7 Ways To Make Your Father’s Day Special

7 Ways To Make Your Father’s Day Special featured image

We, at homebakers.sg, have a complaint about Father’s Day— why is Father’s Day not as well represented as Mother’s Day? Why aren’t there a plethora of advertisements and gifts to choose from? Why is there so much less fanfare? Aren’t fathers as important as mothers are? 
Or perhaps, it could be a subtle acknowledgement of one simple fact: fathers are simply much harder to shop for. Fret not! The team at homebakers.sg is here to turn your Father’s Day into a Mother’s Day for Fathers. 

Readers beware — every father is configured differently. This isn’t a one size fits all guide! Use it with discretion. 

Go on a hike

Dad bods are so 2020. It’s time for him to lose it! 
Spend some quality time with your dad on this special day by going on a hike. Explore the garden city with the different trails and nature reserves to escape the concrete jungle that everyone is too familiar with. If you are looking for different trails, try: The best hiking trails and spots in Singapore.

Coupled with the great weather in June (fingers crossed!), it does seem like a perfect father-child bonding sesh! However, putting too much faith in the weather forecast is a fool’s errand— do remember to pack an umbrella or a poncho. Otherwise, as the weather can get quite hot, bring sufficient water to hydrate yourself, as well as a Father’s Day box by @breadandbutterbyxy in case someone gets hungry halfway. 

Game night

 If your dad prefers to spend time indoors on his glorious day, why not indulge in a game or two with your dad? Grab a board game such as Monopoly or The Game of Life and invite all members of the family to sit down and play. If you are looking for something more comtemporary, try something fresh like The Singaporean Dream card game or Exploding Kittens! Avoid the adult versions unless you’re keen for some family awkwardness :3 Alternatively, if you own a console; challenge dad to game of Fifa or whatever floats his boat.

Pair it up with a beer and some nuts and you’re good to go! Or if you are thinking of spicing it up with something special, why not get some Seasalt Chocolate Brownies from @cookiecrumblessg for game night? 


If your dad loves fishing, consider taking him for one of his fishing expeditions! Snack on some Choco Chip Crunch cookies from @Chewingbakes while waiting for the fish to bite. Do not use cake as bait. Who knows, maybe you might even get hooked on this new activity!

If both of you are first timers keen on trying something new, do check out: The Guide to Fishing and Prawning in Singapore. The above article suggests various locations for fishing and prawning. All equipment can be rented so you just have to make sure that you bring yourselves and the clothes on your back (Oh, and your masks too!) 

Watching a movie

Movie nights with the family have been growing popular in the midst of the pandemic where everyone is cooped up at home. Spend the special night with your dad watching his favourite movies – or yours, to get to know each other even better!

Mix up some of dad’s favourite snacks, grab a beer, share One Box Wonder Pastry Box by Le beurre, you’re ready to start watching!
Catch up with the latest in the Marvel franchise with a Disney Plus subscription! Alternatively, you could catch something scary like The Conjuring on Netflix. Just be sure to sleep with your lights on later 😉


A great way to have fun without leaving the comfort of home is to bake with your dad. Spend some quality fun time together while making something that will sweeten up this special day! For amatuer bakers, there are a list of baking recipes for you to check out: Best of quarantine baking: The sweet, the savoury and the healthy recipes.

If you are looking to invest in some baking paraphernalia, we’ve got you covered – check out: Top 5 Baking Stores in Singapore for Cheap Baking Supplies.

The best part about baking at home? You can adjust the flavour to your own liking – whether you like things sweet, more healthy or even more crunchy! Do not worry if the baking experiment goes terribly wrong, you can always order a home baked item from a local home baker! Hehehe…

Facetime your dad

For some of us who no longer live together with our dads, coupled with the pandemic where meeting face-to-face may be a challenge; make his day by calling him to show your appreciation! A video call goes a long way in these trying times. 

Psst! You can even send a gift or two (such as Guinness Stout Chocolate Cake from @BrownedButterBakeHouse) his way to let him know that you are thinking of him! 

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

For many, a special occasion calls for cake! Why not check out what some of our local home bakers are doing? Support our local home bakers by buying their products and allow them to showcase what they’ve got. We have prepared an exhaustive list of home bakers doing Father’s Day bake sales. Do check it out and be pleasantly surprised by what they can whip up in their own kitchens at home this Father’s Day!

For a variety of home bakers in Singapore, check out: Homebakers.sg 🙂

Still wondering what to do this Father’s Day? More often than not, the simplest things are the ones that truly warm the cockles of one’s hearts. As clichéd as it sounds, sometimes, all you need for a perfect Father’s Day is quality time spent together as a family!